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The Vancouver School of Drug War History and Organic Cultivation

"In wise hands poison is medicine.  In foolish hands medicine is poison" - Casanova

Tucked into the heart of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver , The Vancouver School of drug war history and Organic clutivation offers A free flowing open and loving force of learning, inspiration , thought and enocouragement. Working towards the realization of the true crime at play and helping anyone interested understand that the real crime is in the persecution and prosecution of the innocent. Encouraging health both mentally and physically you can read countless educational magazines, books, and instructional manuals on anything to do with the wonderfully dynamic herb cannabis. Participate in activism , spreading the word of all that is right and good, and assist in the fight for freedom. The Herb School holds tours every Sunday and Tuesday from Vicotry Square at 3:00pm, right in the heart of the pot bloc, and walks you through 10(or so) blocks of pure historical facts right back to the founding of this great city (Donations are welcomed and encouraged,but to deny education is to deny freedom) . The herb school is a testament to the right to be free. Love and Peace The Herb School Alumni

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